Health clinic May 2017

The Tong-Len health team of five  have been working hard to support the families evicted from their homes in Charan Khad in June 2016.  Regular clinics are being held in all the places where the Charan community have relocated, mainly in the vicinity of Chetru close to Gaggal, Dharamsala’s airport (15 km from Charan Khad).  In addition the health team have run a number of clinics in villages in Himachal Pradesh up to 70 km away from Dharamsala, including clinics in Nadaun and Chintpurni.  Special clinics have been carried out for the under 5s in the slum communities and for the children in the Tong-Len hostels.  The team has also been involved in a disability project, visiting disabled children and their families in Kareri, about 20 km north of Dharamsala.  Tong-Len is able to carry out a range of medical tests in-house through its mobile health unit including:

liver and kidney function tests (LFT and KFT),

HIV tests, and

Hepatitis B tests




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