Due to the forced eviction of the Charan slum camp community, the tuition tent schools are not currently operating.

Tong-Len’s primary and nursery tuition tent schools operate on week days within the slum camps. These provide free basic education to the hundreds of children not as yet part of the sponsorship scheme.  There are both morning and afternoon sessions attended by up to 300 children.  Classes are taught by Indian teachers with help from volunteers.

In the primary tent, children of school age learn Hindi, Maths, Environmental Studies and Art. The curriculum has been developed specifically for these children. However, since it is based on the local schools’ curriculum, children can easily transfer to a formal full-time education should the opportunity arise.  Some children are now going to local government school with support from Tong-Len.  The tuition tent teachers provide encouragement and help with their homework

The nursery offers educational play, instruction in Hindi and English alphabets, and numeracy. For most of these youngsters it is the first time they have ever had the chance to play with toys. Especially popular are singing, interactive games and creative activities such as drawing and Plasticine.

All the children receive a nutritious midday meal courtesy of The Dalai Lama Trust.