Some children have completed their school education and have the ability to go to college and university.  When Tong-Len started the school sponsorship/hostel project in 2004, the goal was to provide primary education.  However, the children did so well that they were able to continue their studies at secondary level.  The children’s horizons have changed.  Instead of an ambition to polish shoes or sell knick knacks by the road, they now want to train for professional careers, such as doctors, lawyers and engineers.  Tong-Len wants to help them all achieve their full potential.

Rinku, one of the school leavers who is now at university studying mechanical engineering, has spoken movingly about his experiences:

‘Ever watched a seed carried by a strong wind being dropped into a heaven like place. It is due to the hard work of the strong wind. For me this strong wind is Tong-Len. Before I came to Tong-Len I was nothing. I was a simple guy who used to look for garbage in dirty bins and spread my hand for begging. I did not have hope; my future was the life of a dog. Finally I reached Tong-Len and now have every facility necessary for my life. Now the light for my future has appeared.

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