Tong-Len works with slum communities in the Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, providing health care and organising health awareness events.

For many years the Charan communities have had no easy access to water. In August 2009, Tong-Len received permission from the local authority to install a submersible water pump in a disused well.  This has been connected to three water stations conveniently located which ensures that every family has access to running drinkable water throughout the day. The project was largely funded by the Energee Association ( This has enabled us to introduce a hygiene programme. In the early morning the children are collected from around the camp and taken to the wash basins where they learn how to wash themselves prior to attending the tuition tents.

Tong-Len has also provided the Charan slum communities with solar lighting, solar-heated showers, composting toilets and has established tuition tents and facilities for the very young children.