The government of Himachal Pradesh has issued an eviction notice to the slum community in Charan Khad. They have been told they must leave but they have no place to go. The senior hostel children decided to act on behalf of their families and their community. They consulted with a human rights lawyer who said the eviction order itself could not be challenged but that they could make an appeal to the government for an alternative site on which the community could camp. The children, after much discussion, wrote letters to the Deputy Commissioner of Himachal Pradesh and the Minister of Urban Development. The children were able to meet with these dignatories in the presence of the lawyer to deliver the letters personally.  They felt they were well received and now await a response. They have also sent letters to the Governor of Himachal Pradesh and the Prime Minister of India. See their report on


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  • Kate Boyd

    says on:
    20/05/2016 at 5:34 am

    Please do not leave these poor people homeless.