Jamyang with Sangeeta


Tong-Len Charitable Trust (Charity No 16284)

Tong-Len Charitable Trust was conceived in 2003, officially registered in December 2004, with visions to support displaced Indian communities in the Kangra valley, north India.  

Jamyang (Tharchin Gyaltsen), a refugee Tibetan monk, observed and interacted with young Indian children begging and scavenging the local rubbish bins on a daily basis. In witnessing such miserable conditions for the children he was not able to shut his eyes and felt a responsibility to find the solution to a different future for the children.

Jamyang shared his concerns and his vision to help these children go to school with a few other Tibetan refugees and Western volunteer who helped him establish the charity. Supporting people living in poverty in India, has enabled Jamyang to give back to the Indian community, a community that extended their welcome to the Tibetan refugees.

The name Tong-Len comes from the Tibetan words meaning ‘give’ and ‘take’, the idea being that through compassion one shares in the suffering and pain of others whilst simultaneously giving out love and kindness.  For more of Jamyang’s story, click here.

FCRA Income


Tong-Len UK (registered charity number SC036383)

Tong-Len UK was founded in March 2005 to support the work of Tong-Len Charitable Trust.  Three of the founding members had visited Dharamsala the previous year and were moved by the plight of the displaced Indian populations in this area. They identified with the desires of the founders of Tong-Len Charitable Trust to help these people but recognised that significant funding would be required. Tong-Len UK is administered as a Charitable Trust with currently 7 trustees. There are no paid administrators or staff and all money raised goes directly to support the work in India.

Tong-Len in France (Tong-Len Europe, No W0611001498 )

In 2004, when Jamyang,  a young Tibetan monk, decided to start the TONG LEN charity, he happened to meet a young french couple visiting Dharamsala. They  shared his Buddhism values and concepts and were also concerned about the destitute Indian children seen begging in the streets. The strong motivations and aspirations of Jamyang were such that the couple decided to join in his efforts by supporting TONG LEN from France.  The French charity, TONG LEN EUROPE, was officially registered a few years later.

Tong-Len USA (EIN No 27-0186376)

Tong-Len USA was set up initially to help fund the mobile health clinic which is now supported by the Dalai Lama Trust.  This year (2015) Tong-Len USA has helped fund one of the school leavers entering tertiary education.